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Offering a wide-range of investment opportunities.

Through my affiliation with First Allied Securities, I provide a wide-range of financial services and strategies. I offer you the objectivity of working with an independent financial advisor combined with the stability, strength and access to the world’s financial markets with a wealth of investment resources. Below is a list of financial services I offer through First Allied Securities.

Stocks: Investments in the value of public companies, stock-shares of ownership have historically given an average of 10% pre-tax return according to NYU calculated averages of the S&P 500. Although changes of price for individual stocks are subject to large fluctuations both positive and negative. Please remember though that past performance is never a guarantee of future results!

  • NYSE-listed stocks: These companies have been vetted by the New York listing board on the basis of market value, financial integrity, reputation of its management, and many more factors. Yet, this does not guarantee any safety regarding investments in these companies. They are often however larger in size and more well-known than comparative Over-The-Counter firms.
  • NASDAQ over-the counter: The listing requirements of NASDAQ firms are less stringent compared to the NYSE and leads to a greater selection of companies to choose from. Due to the ease of electronic trading, there is a larger amount of exchanges being done on the NASDAQ which tends to allow for greater shifts of volatility than normal.
  • ETFs

Insurance: Where stocks can help grow your net worth, insurance is about safeguarding what you have made and giving a level of safety and assurance of your funds.

  • Fixed annuities: With an initial lump sum payment, an insurance company will invest the proceeds and guarantee* you a payment of income for a specified period once you annuitize the plan.
  • Term life: Is an instrument that guarantees a listed payment if the insurance holder dies within a specified time frame. This is often the cheapest of insurance policies, and is intended to benefit the family of the holder should they pass in that time frame.
  • Variable life
  • Universal life: Unlike other policies the premium paid is “flexible” in that the value you pay in can change to what is more comfortable at a given time.
  • Whole life: Similar to a term insurance plan, except that Whole Life allows you to potentially borrow against the plan if need be.

  * Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing companies.

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